Pretending Not to See

It was almost midnight. Only one other truck sat under the bright fluorescent lights, its driver nowhere in sight. I twisted the cap back on the second fuel tank. Out of habit I locked both doors before I walked into the truck stops convenience store.

My eyes darted around, checking everywhere for anything out of the ordinary. It was my habit developed over a year of driving across the country by myself. I entered the store and looked for the restroom sign.

Huge letters spelled out R E S T R O O M S hung on the far wall, shouted to everyone that the bathrooms were this way. After taking care of things, I gathered the supplies I needed: windshield washer fluid, a bottle of milk, and a box of cereal. There’s nothing like the breakfast of champions for your dinner in the middle of the night. Continue reading “Pretending Not to See”

Are You a Shark?

For the last couple of weeks, my niece has stayed with us. One of her favorite games to play is a card game called Rats. The game has wonderful illustrations of cartoon rat characters doing silly things and standing by giant cheese numbers. Each player attempts to collect all the cards in the deck, whoever does is the winner.

My sister prefers I keep my niece’s identity a secret. So from now on, I’ll call my niece, Princess Cadence, her favorite My Little Pony.

Princess Cadence is 7 years-old. Somewhere along the line she heard the term card shark. In typical kid fashion, she shortened that down to “shark.” As we played the game and her pile of cards grew she began asking if she was a shark. We assured Princess Cadence, that she was a shark.

A few days later, she and I were playing an intense game of Rats. Slaps (on the table and a part of the game) and laughter could be heard anywhere in the house. Princess Cadence had a huge pile of cards. She looked at Auntie’s small stack and announced I was a crayfish and she was a shark; a running joke was born.

The next day tiredness prevented her from doing well. Her concentration was like a bubble; there one second, popped and gone the next. When she complained that I was a shark and she was a minnow, I suggested that she need to think like a shark.

A strange look crossed her face. Continue reading “Are You a Shark?”

Dad to the Rescue

Happy Father’s day! I hope all you great dads out there have a fun-filled day. From the time we were small, and even today, my dad has always been there for my sister and me. To honor my dad, I decided to share a story that I vividly remember all these years later–far too many years to type the number here. This happened during the spring when I was in third grade. My bike was a 70s style 20″ Huffy complete with a banana seat. My dad taught me to ride on it. I loved this bike! Dad, thank you for making it last for well over a decade of very hard use.

Going On A Bike Ride

After church, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents crowded into our small house for lunch. After feasting on a wonderful meal, the adults settled in for a visit. Visit was code for the adults talking about people my cousins and I had never met–boring!

The beautiful sunny spring day made it impossible to sit still. My older cousin, Mike, had his bike with him, I don’t remember why. When our younger cousins fell asleep my dad took Mike, me, and my sister for a bike ride to Lion’s park. Mike and I rode our own bikes, but my sister rode in a special seat mounted over the rear wheel of my dad’s bike. Big kid status rocked!

Lions Park Duck Pond

Lions park was a great place. A creek flowed through the middle of the park which was fun to wade in the shallow water on hot days. There were playground toys, which I loved, on both sides of the creek. And finally, at the back edge of the park there was a duck pond encircled by a sidewalk. My cousin was four years older than me and way too cool to play on the toys so we decided to ride in circles around the duck pond.

Because it rained the day before, the duck pond and creek were fuller than normal. The mommy and baby ducks didn’t seem to mind, they swam happily around the pond looking for food. A lot of people were at the park taking advantage of the beautiful day.

Swimming With Ducks

We’d been riding around and around the pond for a long time when disaster struck. A herd of slow-moving old people clogged the sidewalk forcing me to ride into the grass to go around them through a very large, slimy, mud puddle. I rode slowly so I wouldn’t splash anyone. I was almost in the clear when another kid zoomed past me. To avoid him I bounced on the sidewalk, narrowly missing an adult, who shouted something about out-of-control kids. My mud covered tires lost traction on the concrete. I fought to regain my balance, and the back tire regained traction just as the sidewalk made a turn to the right. Before a half-second passed I was flying out over the water. Continue reading “Dad to the Rescue”

A Thief in My Dorm Room

Hello friends. So far all my posts have been pretty serious, the Mother’s Day post being the only exception. After a long week of tending to my sick dog (she’d had a bad reaction from a heartworm shot) I felt like doing something light-hearted and thought perhaps you might too. Below is a short story I wrote last year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. P.S. This story really did happen to me.

Apple Thief

Have you ever seen a window screen with a small sliding screen door mounted inside of it? Neither had I until moved into this particular dorm room. This 4″ x 6″ sliding screen door was a great feature that allowed me to feed the friendly squirrels right from the narrow brick ledge outside my dorm room window. It was fun and relaxing to watch them play in the huge old tree that stood sentry over my second-floor corner room.

Squirrel Eating An Apple
photo credit: beautyredefined via photopin cc

Today’s treat was a Granny Smith apple. The squirrels and I loved them. Thoughts of this sweet, tart, yummy treat kept me from paying attention to my Friday afternoon classes.My mouth watered in anticipation as I sliced up the fruit. After laying their treat on the window

Finally, my week was over and I hurried back to my room. My mouth watered in anticipation as I sliced up the fruit. After laying the squirrels treat on the window ledge, I sat down on my bed to read and enjoy the apples.

Continue reading “A Thief in My Dorm Room”