The Ins and Odds of St. Patrick’s Day

Originally St. Patrick’s Day was a religious feast held in honor of the Irish patron saint, on March 17, the day of his death. In his teens, he was kidnapped near his home, and worked as a slave in Ireland for almost two decades before managing to escape back to England.

After joining the Catholic church, he returned to Ireland to share the gospel. Many legends surround the time St. Patrick spent sharing his faith with the Irish. They are the basis of how St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated today.

Celebrations began in Boston in 1737 as a way to honor Irish and Irish-American culture by the colonists. The first time a military unit joined a St. Patrick’s Day parade was in 1762. Since that day in New York, military units have made it a  tradition to march each year.

Did The Irish Really Eat Corned Beef and Cabbage?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is only the Irish-American’s because brisket, cabbage, and root vegetables were cheap in the colonies. In Ireland, beef was expensive, so the Irish ate mostly ham and bacon which were prevalent and affordable. Today’s St. Patrick’s Day menus pay homage to both the Irish and the Irish-American’s. Check out these modern recipes. Continue reading “The Ins and Odds of St. Patrick’s Day”

The Flu from Hell and Finding Happiness Again

December is a crazy month for most people. The myriads of parties, school functions, travel hassles, and shopping trips collide with; visiting relatives, birthdays, and anniversaries which compete with; bored kids, menu planning, holiday fun, preparing at least one elaborate meal, and if you’re a football fanatic, cheering on your favorite football team as they fight for a playoff spot. There’s so much to do most of this paragraph is one long sentence.

And the whirlwind of activity isn’t over.

New Year’s celebrations demand your attention. The kids beg to stay up until midnight. You pray you can stay awake that late. Once the clock strikes midnight you toast the new year, followed by comforting your fur babies when the inevitable fireworks (giant bangs and thundering booms) begin. Before you can take a breath everyone wants to know what your resolutions are, which means you have to frantically come up with a few or explain why you don’t make them anymore.

Then January flies in with bad weather, football playoff parties, Christmas gift returns, and the hope that things will calm down soon.

Black Ice

photo credit: Albany crash via photopin (license)
photo credit: Albany crash via photopin (license)

A couple of days before Thanksgiving it was as if I’d run over a patch of black ice and lost control. Continue reading “The Flu from Hell and Finding Happiness Again”

How to Entertain Bored Kids at Christmas

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember how many eons there were between Thanksgiving and Christmas? A gazillion! Each night the anticipation grew exponentially until falling asleep was nearly impossible.

Now that I’m grown, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is about two seconds. And if you have kids, that time decreases to about .4789 nanoseconds!

Which Means . . .

You’re tearing your hair out and your kids are bored to tears.

Anti-Boredom Solutions

I hate to admit this, but I’m pretty sure that things I did as a child are now considered old school by my niece, Princess Cadence, and kids her age. We had a lot of fun and so I’ll share a few of the things we enjoyed. Continue reading “How to Entertain Bored Kids at Christmas”

Absolutely Amazing A Cappella Group

Pentatonix is the best a cappella group I’ve ever heard. After last week’s post where I shared a stunning version of Angels We Have Heard On High, performed by The Piano Guys, a friend of mine recommended Pentatonix. I remembered watching them perform on NBC’s The Sing-Off and they are great. Here is the official video of Little Drummer Boy from their new album, PTXmas (Deluxe Edition.)

If you loved that you can go to YouTube and see more from them. Leave a comment or email me, I’d love to hear about more amazing groups like Pentatonix and The Piano Guys.

photo credit: Pentatonix via photopin (license)