Dear Chapter 38

Dear Chapter 38,

I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop fighting me. I know where you’re supposed to go–please follow me in an orderly manner.


P.S. Chapter 39 is tired of waiting on you!

Letter on a notebook page.
copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl

Behind the Scenes of ‘The Fire-Pit’

Until I began writing The Fire-Pit I never thought about what went into writing a novel. At the library or bookstore, if an authors’ name or a cover caught my eye, I read the blurb on the back. If it sounded interesting I took the book home. It was fairly easy to find an entertaining story.

The last eighteen months have been an adventure. Grab a camp chair and join me by the fire.


A great story idea came to me in the shower. Guess I ought to write a book.

Yep, that’s how it started. With an idea. Part of my idea involved a food truck. I spent many hours learning everything I could about food trucks.

I spent days creating my characters. I found images on google. I interviewed each character, asking 40 in-depth and probing questions. I learned a lot about them.

Despite being scared I was ready to write. So I did the research all over again. I repeated this process for six months.

Camp NaNoWriMo

There was a blog, written by indie author Donna B. McNicol, that I regularly read. She announced in July that she was super busy writing all of August’s blog posts ahead of time because of Camp NaNoWriMo. I remember eagerly following the link to discover what this camp was all about. Camp NaNoWriMo is where writers come together and for a month write like crazy. You can do anything, a novel, a screenplay, blog posts, non-fiction, newsletters, or research for an upcoming project. I decided it might just be the kick in the pants I needed to escape this research quagmire I’d fallen into.

I wrote every day for two and a half weeks. On day 17 my characters went on strike citing unsafe working conditions. They claimed boredom had almost resulted in several of them dying. They refused to come back to work until I’d watched a few action adventure movies. I argued with them. They won. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Fire-Pit’”

The End Is Near

Just so you know right off the bat, this is not a Chicken Little post. The sky isn’t falling 😉

Plot Bunnies and First Drafts

For the first time in almost two years, I can see that my book will be finished and go on sale! It’s a huge realization. For the first six months, I planned and plotted. But didn’t do any writing because I was afraid. Then Camp NaNoWriMo gave me the kick in the pants to get started. For eight chapters I chased the plot bunnies from one happy scene to another. Then I got bored. Yes, my story bored me.
Moko Rhiannon Boyle via Compfight

So I scrapped it all. I located a new warren of plot bunnies to chase. They were a lot more imaginative than the other warren. They were also more mischievous leading me down twisty, narrow, overgrown paths several times. Still, I’m glad I found them. My story has been greatly improved by chasing plot bunnies all over the countryside. Five months later I had an exciting rough draft. Continue reading “The End Is Near”