Writing Process Blog Hop

I had no idea what I was doing when I sat down to write the book the first time. I just began typing and went by the seat of my pants… Find out about my writing process and meet the two authors I invited to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop.

I’d like to thank Peter D. Mallet for inviting me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop.

The Blog Hop Questions:

What am I currently working on?

I’m self-publishing my debut novel, The Fire-Pit, and my primary focus is on finishing it as quickly as I can. I edit every day; it’s a lot more work than I expected. Last week I sent off the first five chapters to my copy editor and did a happy dance with our sweet little dog, Molly. She’s a much better dancer than I am.  😉

As I have time, I’m working my way through two important side projects: working with my cover designer to finish the book covers, and learning how to properly format the print and e-book files.

In addition to getting back into the swing of blogging, after my summer hiatus, I’m also writing a new Christmas short story. Keep an eye out for it next month.

How does my work differ from other genres?

According to Amazon, the romance genre has twenty-two sub-genres. Perhaps it would be easier to tell you which sections my stories fit into. The Fire-Pit is a contemporary romance with suspenseful twists, humorous escapades, and bits of history woven throughout it. My goal is to create a world you can lose yourself in, and characters you care so much about that you cheer and cry for them.

Why do I write what I do?

I love to read romance, mystery, action & adventure, thriller & suspense, and historical novels. Love is such an important part of a happy life that I’m compelled to write about it. And since a part of my heart believes there really is someone special for each of us; I’ve chosen to write romances.

And last but not least — how does my writing process work?

Thankfully this is NOT how I write.
photo credit: Olivander via photopin cc

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Wake Up!

For almost a decade I woke up at four a.m. so that I could get to work on time. On the weekends I liked to sleep in. This worked great until I adopted my sweet baby boy, Tyler. Once he got used to waking up at a certain time, I wasn’t allowed to sleep in. Even on weekends he would bop me on the forehead until I woke up. Through narrowly cracked eyes, I glimpsed his smile.

Tyler Watching The World Go By
Watching The World Go By Jillian Pearl Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

Instead of getting upset, I’d drag myself out of bed. With my eyes closed, I’d feed him and make coffee for myself. Once I had poured a cup of coffee he’d tell me it was time to go outside and greet the morning. During the summer he sprawled in his own chair and enjoyed witnessing the world wake up. When it got cold, he wanted to share body heat and snuggle under a heavy blanket.

The following is a post that Tyler dictated for his blog, Tyler’s Tails.

Wake Up! by Tyler

A few years ago Mommy and I lived in an apartment that had a wonderful deck that overlooked a lake. I spent endless hours people and animal watching from my chair. On the weekends, I always made sure I invited Mommy to join me. I liked watching the world wake up with her.

One crisp fall morning, Mommy and I were on the deck cuddling under a big warm quilt. It was so early the stars winked at us. Although, I don’t think Mommy noticed because she kept dozing off and was in danger of spilling her coffee!

A faint sound echoed across the lake. I must have fallen asleep because my ears perked up and my nose began to sniff even before my eyes cracked open. What was that? I wondered, peeking at Mommy. Had she heard it too? Continue reading “Wake Up!”

Making Time

The start of autumn brings memories cascading down around me like the colorful leaves that flutter to the ground and pile high underneath the trees. They warm my heart like a cup of cocoa with marshmallows and at the center of each one is love.

Am I noticing this because I passed the dreaded four-oh. Or is it because I’m learning to appreciate the ‘now’ moments more? I really don’t know why, but each year at this time the memories come unbidden.

Memories Are Powerful

We lived many places during my childhood. My favorite place had  a huge yard with lots of trees. Each one dropped thousands of leaves. We raked them into giant piles. Well actually, my parents did. My sister and I weren’t very old and even though we tried to help,  we created more work. What I do know, is that we spent hours jumping in the piles, burying each other in them, running through them, and restacking them so we could do it all over again. All these years later it lifts my mood just thinking about those fun Sundays.

A few years ago when my niece, Princess Cadence, lived here, she and I spent many afternoons making large piles of leaves and rolling down the hill into them while Oma cheered us on. We’d lay in the leaves, giggling until our tummies hurt.

Tyler in the backyard
Tyler in the backyard All rights reserved Copyright Jillian Pearl

Tyler, my big beautiful boy, loved to chase leaves. He patiently stalked them and when the wind rustled them across the grass he made his move. Chasing and tackling them into submission. Once they admitted defeat, he’d roll on his back, holding several in his arms, and kick them to shreds with his back paws.

Memories are powerful emotional triggers. Just writing these three stories tugged my heart in different directions. Continue reading “Making Time”

Why My Blog Pawsed

In the middle of A-Z you probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. Here’s why…

We Adopted A Puppy

Yes, we got a new puppy. There has been a flurry of activity getting our home ready for her, getting her supplies, and bringing her home.


Our newest little girl is recovering from being spayed. Our other two girls are recovering from the shock of a new sister. I am recovering. My blog is unpawsed, but will probably not be caught up until early next week. I hope my fellow A-Z bloggers will understand the delay. I also will catch up on the many blogs that I’m enjoying this month, just as fast as I can.

PS – Dear grammar police, I do know how to spell pause correctly 😉

Our New Puppy Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl
Our New Puppy Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl