Cross Stitch Obsession

Working on a cross stitch project always makes me happy, as any good hobby should. I’ve been cross stitching for about twenty years and I plan on doing it until I can no longer hold the needle or see the pattern.

My Current Project
My current project – Call of the Wild designed by Michael Adams

Admitting I had A Problem

When I was just getting started my top stitches never went the same direction and the back of my project looked like a giant bowl of spaghetti. Although the projects I finished were rough, they made me happy. They were cute and something I had created from a blank canvas. Back then I skipped all over the pattern, not wanting to take the time to work in small sections. More often than not my impatience caused me to end up spending time removing dozens of stitches that weren’t in the correct place. Like so many great shortcuts, it ended up taking more time than going the longer way around. (Tweet That)

After I ripped the fabric removing stitches that were wrapped around knots, I had to scrap the almost finished Christmas project. A lightbulb came on. My projects would look better, and I would have more fun if I wasn’t ripping out big sections all the time.

Creating Passion

Now that I’m a more experienced cross stitcher, I realize that when you add patience and skill to something fun an amazing thing happens. It transforms; a lifelong passion is born. When you put love and care into each colorful stitch it links to its neighbors and they become interdependent, securing each other and transforming the blank canvas of boring fabric into beautiful art.

Excitement accompanies the start of every new project. The middle part builds my patience–it’s hard not to want it finished already, and yet, it’s also fun watching the project grow. As I near the end the excitement builds and I spend extra time finishing it. Every project is like this, a cycle, and yet my enjoyment never wanes. I hope one day to teach my niece, Princess Cadence, to cross stitch. To pass along a skill that brings joy to my heart and hopefully to her’s one day too.

A Part Of Me

I’ve framed several projects and they hang on walls throughout the house. I’ve also given a few away as gifts. But even if I could never frame or hang any of my finished projects again, I’d still cross stitch. It’s a part of me. I’d love to hear about your favorite craft projects. What makes them special to you?

My cross stitch project. Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl
My cross stitch project. Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl

Author: Jillian Pearl

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As an adult, I moved to Denver, Colorado and continue to live there with my family. Over the years, I've had a variety of jobs, including lifeguard, OTR truck driver, and mechanical drafter. Currently, I am a caregiver for my mom, a blogger, and a contemporary romance author.

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