Fall Is Here

A Funny Situation by Jim Schaeffing

Fall is here. In Denver at least. The weather has cooled and the Denver Broncos are playing inspired football. Some trees are even beginning to change. Up in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains the trees are slow to change because of the torrential rains we had a couple of weeks ago. Experts say that in the next week or two fall colors will begin to blaze across the mountains. I also know it’s fall because I caught a cold. I’m thankful it isn’t the flu, but this still sucks. For days now, I’ve had no energy at all. I hope that you, wonderful readers, are able to avoid getting sick this fall.

I found a wonderfully funny Ellen DeGeneres video for you. At the 2:25 mark I cried from laughing so hard.

So in closing for this week, how about sharing some of your favorite things about fall?

A Funny Situation by Jim Schaeffing
photo credit: Tom Simpson A Funny Situation by Jim Schaeffing, circa 1950 via photopin (license)

Author: Jillian Pearl

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As an adult, I moved to Denver, Colorado and continue to live there with my family. Over the years, I've had a variety of jobs, including lifeguard, OTR truck driver, and mechanical drafter. Currently, I am a caregiver for my mom, a blogger, and a contemporary romance author.

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