Hi Mom Happy Mother’s Day

Mother and child

Happy Mother’s Day to moms all around the world!

Your sons and daughters want you to know that we love you! I asked several friends to share their favorite memories of their mom with me. Throughout this post, I’ll share the special moments that have affected their lives.


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Mother’s Shape Our Lives

Our mother’s are with us for our entire lives. Not true you say? OK, you do have me on a technicality.

Life is a cycle that’s supposed to go like this; we’re born, we grow up, we get married and have kids, and when we’re old our parents go to heaven. The cycle is then repeated with our own children. However, that’s overly simplified. In each cycle there are overlapping periods of interaction. It’s those moments that become the story of our lives and the memories that allow us to hold on to our mother’s forever.

A Mother’s Understanding is a Security Blanket

Ordinary everyday items can become a security blanket to children. For me, it was a blanket. My mother still has the remaining one-inch strip of fabric. For others, it’s a pacifier or a special stuffed animal, comfort comes in many forms.

Dedicated to Joni, with love.

I found a rock that was like no other. Deep in my heart, destiny said it was mine forever. It was huge to me, but would fit my future self’s palm. My rock was smooth and felt wonderful when I rubbed it against my cheek. At four-years-old this was a treasure like no other. I proudly told everyone I knew that this was my rock. Of course, everyone consisted of my three family members, a few neighbors, and the family pet.

Instead of humoring me for a day or two before returning it to the yard, Mom understood just how special this rock was. She helped me wash the rock, because every pet needs a bath. After it was dry Mom took out her fingernail polish. With the care of an artist she wrote my name on the top of the rock and painted a beautiful daisy in the middle. I was amazed by this. My rock was truly my rock; it said so.

That rock moved with me from house to house, came with me to boarding school, and now rests on my desk. The other day my daughter saw it and asked why I had a rock with my name on it. I told her the story of my rock and my mom. I explained that every time I see that rock, I’m reminded of how much my mother loves me.


A Mother’s Symbol of Love

As we get older we realize that our mom’s are pretty neat people. The silly things they do make them special and are symbols of their love for us. They teach us lessons about how to love each other through their examples.

Dedicated to Mom – I had fun writing this for you.

I’d like to think I was a good kid growing up, but perhaps it was because I had a great mom. Honestly, I really don’t have very many specific memories of a time when I thought about what a great mother I had (and still do). I just knew. I knew that she loved me a lot. I knew she would always be there for me. I knew that if I had a problem she could help me solve it. Being able to rely on that truth growing up helped me to become the person I am, as well as the mother that I am to my own children. There is one thing I remember that my mom did for me.

We rarely had “hot lunch” at school and always brought a lunch from home that Mom made for us each morning. When Mom packed a banana for us she scratched a little smiley face or an “I love you” on the skin of it. When I opened my lunch to eat it at school, it always put a smile on my face to see that little note from my mom.

It was a small thing but had a big impact. I believe it taught me that the little things you do for others, no matter how small, really do matter and make a difference.


A Mother’s Shared Adventures

Not every moment is a lesson. Some are simply fun adventures that stay with us. Be an adventurer of life.

Dedicated to Mom – Your card is in the mail.

I can still smell the salt, hear the waves crashing on the shore, and feel the wind blowing in my face. The wonder and excitement of a day at the beach lingers vividly in my memory.

Upon reaching the coast we visited a kite shop. Every kind of kite you could imagine was for sale in this shop. My favorite was a pink butterfly. They also sold locally made saltwater taffy. Mom helped me choose flavors to put in a little white bag that the store provided. It still is the best saltwater taffy I’ve ever eaten.

Then we stopped at a grocery store near the beach that baked fresh miniature loaves of bread everyday. I held my mom’s hand as we watched the baker put each hot, crusty, ridiculously wonderful loaf of bread in a paper bag. I leaned against her, hugging her arm to my chest as he added plenty of butter to the bag.

Once we got to the beach we spent the day searching for sea shells. Mom and I put the perfect ones in the bag the bread had come in. We would often walk for what seemed like miles in search of unbroken shells. When it was time for lunch my sister and I helped Mom lay out the picnic lunch she’d prepared specially for this trip. It was full of things we only got on rare occasions. In the evening Dad built a small fire behind driftwood logs on the sandy beach. I loved warming by the fire while roasting marshmallows. When my marshmallows caught fire, Mom would give me one of her perfectly toasted marshmallows.

One day, I’d love to share a day at the beach with my daughter and treat her to the magical fun my mom shared with me.


A Mother’s Lesson

Mothers teach us about giving and acceptance. They show us how to persevere through hard times. They give us the self-confidence to know that even if it takes more than one try at something, we can succeed if we work hard.

Dedicated to Mom

My mom works very hard. She leaves early in the morning and returns in the evening around seven. Despite her long days she makes time for me.

A few months ago, I was studying for a biology test. I needed to learn a lot of technical terms. Mom sat in the living room with me, patiently helping me remember the words until eleven o’clock.

The next day I took the test. When the teacher graded it I received a D-! I was really sad and a little afraid that Mom would be angry with me after she’d stayed up late helping me. When she got home she didn’t even mention the bad grade, instead she cheered me up. That evening we sat in the living room together, she helped me study until we both understood the subject perfectly. I couldn’t wish for a better study-buddy than my mom!


A Mother’s Enthusiasm

Mothers teach us to take bad circumstances and whip them into something good. A change in attitude is often all that’s necessary to take lemons and make lemon meringue pie. Who doesn’t love dessert?

Dedicated to Mom

Last weekend, my friends and I volunteered to bake a cake for our high school. My excitement was high because I love working in the kitchen with my friends. An hour before I expected them to arrive the phone rang. They weren’t able to come. I felt devastated. I still had to bake the chocolate cake, alone.

Mom volunteered to help. I was reluctant because she always has so much to do. But I really didn’t want to make the cake alone so I accepted her help. Mom turned on the music. As we worked she sang into her wooden spoon microphone. It was so funny that I joined in. We sang and danced around the kitchen, our clothes coated in flour and chocolate pieces, but we didn’t care.

My brother called us crazy. Mom told him that he just didn’t know what he was missing. The afternoon was fantastic. The cake ended up being the best I’d ever tasted; maybe because you could taste the love and fun that had gone into baking it.


From Mother to Friend

Children grow and change. Some changes are easy to see and others are subtle. In another of life’s unique twists, the child is often the last to discover the transformation. For those of us blessed with amazing mom’s, the day we realize that we’ve made the move from child to a friend is startling and wonderful.

In loving memory of my mom, Virginia. And to all parents and adult children discovering a new friendship.

Mom and I were driving and laughing together. All these years later I can’t even remember what we were laughing about. She turned to me and said, “The more I get to know you the more I like you.”

My twenty-something self found that statement strange, I thought, she knows me, she’s my mom. In the years since then I’ve come to realize that she was genuinely interested in me as a person and a friend; not just because I was her daughter. I miss you Mom.


A Mother’s Comfort

When we’re young our mother’s are everything to us. They hug us when we’re sad, fix our wounds, and take care of us when we’re sick. They fix our toys when we break them, play with us, and teach us fun stuff. They’re there for every moment in our lives. As children grow toward adulthood that dependence wanes. But in moments of stress the desire for a mother’s comfort surfaces. Moms will always represent a safe place where the world can’t hurt us.

Dedicated to Mommy

I lay in my bed with sweat clinging to my body, each breath came with a wheezing sound that I couldn’t believe was coming from me.

The doctor had suggested I go to the hospital, but left it up to me to decide, although if I got any worse I would be admitted. Pneumonia is nothing to take chances with he warned me. But fear kept me from seeing the wisdom of being admitted–hospitals are cold and scary.

Now twenty-four hours later I lay on my bed in misery. “I want my mommy,” was my only coherent thought, it reverberated through my brain. At thirty-years-old my overwhelming desire was for Mommy to come take care of me. Because she was in another state she couldn’t, but I knew she wanted to. Laying there I fell asleep thinking of how she took care of me when I was sick as a child. Remembering brought some comfort, but I still wanted Mommy!


Grandmothers and Aunts

Mother’s Day celebrates the women in our lives who cheer for us, push us to become better people, take care of us, and love us unconditionally. We need to remember all the aunts and grandmothers who in some capacity fill this role.

Dedicated to Oma, I love you!

I requested my sister ask my seven-year-old niece, Princess Cadence, what her favorite memory of Oma (German for grandmother) was.

My niece shouted, “All of them.”

My sister proceeded to ask about specific things Oma and Princess Cadence had done together: gardening, coloring, playing Build-A-Bear, going to the zoo, fishing, and camping. My niece enthusiastically nodded her head after each suggestion. She knew that simply being with Oma was the best thing ever.

—Your granddaughter, Princess Cadence

A Mother’s Deep Abiding Love

A mother’s love runs so deep that her heart can’t contain it all. Her love naturally flows to her children. Over time a mother’s love grows and spreads across the generations. Mother’s truly are a treasure.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms in our lives.

I’d love to hear about the memories you have of your mother, or the woman in your life. Please scroll down to leave a comment.

Special thanks to the women who shared their stories and answered my questions. The time you gave me is greatly appreciated.
Mother and child
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  1. Thank you for all for your contributions, ladies. They are all very special. On Mother’s Day I always dwell on the special moments I have had with my two daughters and granddaughter. What joy they have always brought to my life.

  2. Reading this brought back many memories of my mom. She loved teaching my brothers and me how to cook and sew. She instilled her love of the outdoors in us. From the time we were little she took us to the beach, swimming, camping, hiking, and fishing. I still enjoy doing these things. I miss you mom.

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