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Barefoot Season (Blackberry Island, #1)Barefoot Season by Susan Mallery
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A few minutes after noon I sat down with a sandwich and a new story, Barefoot Season by Susan Mallery, to enjoy. I read the first sentence and became the nosy neighbor peering out her window. The words on the page swirled and sucked me into the characters’ world, daring me to figure out who each character was on the inside and what they were hiding and why. I couldn’t get enough, I had to know everything about Michelle, Carly, and Jared. At three in the morning, I read the last page and turned off my bedside lamp and laid there in the dark, my senses trapped between Blackberry Island and real life.

Susan Mallery crafted a story about lost friendships, betrayal, physical and emotional injuries, people put in our life for a season and sometimes for a lifetime. The characters were as real as any person I’ve known in real life. I cheered for them, encouraged them, wanted to alternately shake them and protect them. This book is a powerful story about not giving up, pushing through the hard times even when you aren’t sure who is on your side. It shows how sometimes hard love is the only answer. Woven through the ups and downs of the story arc, Susan Mallery, reminds us how important forgiveness is in our lives. Especially when we need to forgive ourselves in order heal and move forward.

My mom read this book in two days. Be sure you have time to lose yourself in this phenomenal world before you open the book and read the first sentence. When you do, you’ll be glad you did.

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girl in a canoe on a lake with the text "where will your next book take you?"
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