The End Is Near

Just so you know right off the bat, this is not a Chicken Little post. The sky isn’t falling 😉

Plot Bunnies and First Drafts

For the first time in almost two years, I can see that my book will be finished and go on sale! It’s a huge realization. For the first six months, I planned and plotted. But didn’t do any writing because I was afraid. Then Camp NaNoWriMo gave me the kick in the pants to get started. For eight chapters I chased the plot bunnies from one happy scene to another. Then I got bored. Yes, my story bored me.
Moko Rhiannon Boyle via Compfight

So I scrapped it all. I located a new warren of plot bunnies to chase. They were a lot more imaginative than the other warren. They were also more mischievous leading me down twisty, narrow, overgrown paths several times. Still, I’m glad I found them. My story has been greatly improved by chasing plot bunnies all over the countryside. Five months later I had an exciting rough draft. Continue reading “The End Is Near”