Diabetes In Cats and Dogs

This post was originally published on my first blog, Tyler’s Tails, as “Tyler Has Diabetes” on November 17, 2011. It is important information that every pet parent needs to know. Both dogs and cats can become diabetic. Please learn the warning signs.

Tyler Has Diabetes

About a year after Tyler adopted me a spider bit him. The vet used steroids as a part of his treatment plan. Tyler took a long time to recover from the spider bite. During his treatment, I noticed he drank significantly more water than normal during a 24 hour period. I used a clumping litter in his litter box so when I scooped it was easy to see that his urine balls had become larger, the size of a softball. He was constantly hungry, so I fed him more. Despite this, he was noticeably skinnier. No one had any idea that he was pre-diabetic. Did the steroids trigger or have any part in Tyler becoming diabetic? My vet explained that the steroids caused his blood sugar levels to increase, which is a bad thing for humans and animals who are pre-diabetics or diabetics. Repeated steroid injections over the course of his treatment steadily raised his insulin levels. The first time the vet tested him, his blood sugar was a shocking 560, which is way above normal for a cat. My vet immediately put together a treatment plan for Tyler. Continue reading “Diabetes In Cats and Dogs”