Why My Blog Pawsed

In the middle of A-Z you probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. Here’s why…

We Adopted A Puppy

Yes, we got a new puppy. There has been a flurry of activity getting our home ready for her, getting her supplies, and bringing her home.


Our newest little girl is recovering from being spayed. Our other two girls are recovering from the shock of a new sister. I am recovering. My blog is unpawsed, but will probably not be caught up until early next week. I hope my fellow A-Z bloggers will understand the delay. I also will catch up on the many blogs that I’m enjoying this month, just as fast as I can.

PS – Dear grammar police, I do know how to spell pause correctly 😉

Our New Puppy Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl
Our New Puppy Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl