Faith And Renewal For A New Year

Midnight has come and gone. The parties are over. It’s a brand new year!

Unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s Eve; a list of things to change and goals for the year. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to change your life or set goals for the year. I used to make a list of resolutions each year. One year as Valentine’s Day approached I realized that not only had I not started anything on my list but I didn’t even know where the list was anymore. Since then I haven’t bothered writing down any resolutions.

Thinking about the types of things I put on my list of New Year’s resolutions I now realize why I failed to carry out even one of them most years. I filled my list with things so big that only a giant could step far enough to complete them: lose weight, get rich, get married, buy a car, buy a house, get my degree, get a job I love, and be happy. There isn’t anything wrong with that list except that they’re all long-term goals. I never did figure out what small steps I’d need to take for each of them to actually happen. I never even defined what some of them meant. Without drawing a trail map and determining exactly what I was looking for how could I check off anything on my New Year’s resolutions list? I couldn’t. So for years I just floated from one year to the next.

Changing My Outlook

A few years ago I felt stuck. Life wasn’t at all what I’d thought it would be; it didn’t resemble any of my dreams. Events pushed me off the path I was on and caused me to lose my balance and tumble down the hill. Unlike Jack, I landed slightly bruised but unbroken. I shakily stood and looked around.

Spider Meadows with Canon A620
Pictoscribe via Compfight

I landed in a meadow  decorated with colorful wildflowers and tall grasses. A stream meandered through it and trees with birds singing in their branches provided a shady place to rest. I realized I could be happy here. New opportunities waited for me, things that before I couldn’t see because I was too busy walking with my head down making sure I didn’t stumble. It didn’t work, I fell anyway. It was time to do some soul-searching. Continue reading “Faith And Renewal For A New Year”