February Already?

In a few hours January will be history. It always surprises me. Where did the time go? How can another month have come and gone already?

This year I chose the word renew to embody my hopes and dreams for 2014. Did I do anything in January that renewed me? I’m happy to report that, yes, I did.

Cutting Back

I gave up Words With Friends after the first of the year. I played it non-stop for a little over a year and at times had a dozen games going at once. Without realizing it, I was spending hours on the game. I began playing to improve how I thought about words. It worked. The game got easier for me and my average score improved by almost 150 points. So why stop? Because in the last few months I haven’t enjoyed playing and my score had stagnated. It was time for a break.

Getting Organized

Being organized has always been a challenge for me. Last year I seemed to go in streaks. I’d work really hard at organizing and then a few weeks later things would be a mess again. I’d get things back where they belonged and then several days later it’d be a mess again. Obviously, my method wasn’t effective for me. Frustration sent me in search of new ideas. I read several posts discussing organization. While it was a relief to know I wasn’t alone in this struggle, I knew I still needed a way to make it work. Armed with many ideas, I decided to begin with small easily repeatable steps and reminders.

I discovered a handy reminder app on my computer. It puts a reminder on the screen, no matter what I’m doing, that tells me what I need to get done. I put in everything from clean the bathroom to take a bike ride to put clean clothes away. I don’t know about you, but it’s easy washing the dirty clothes and putting them in the dryer, but everything falls apart once they come out of the dryer. Writing about this reminds me that I have a stack of clean towels to put away…BRB.
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