How Forgiveness Saved Me

In order to understand how forgiveness saved me, you must understand the last four years of my life. Why I fell down a long dark hole and had to forgive before I could start the climb to freedom.

For days I’d felt stressed out and sick. The company I worked for was beginning another round of layoffs, another 300 people, at least one from each department. Just before Thanksgiving they’d laid off over 1000 people. Office chatter inevitably turned to who would make it through the cuts and who wouldn’t. I began avoiding the coffee station. One of the managers in my department had been actively looking to find anything bad about me, from any source and by any means, that he could. It didn’t matter if it was true either. Despite being a hard worker and good at my job, I keenly felt the target on my back. Continue reading “How Forgiveness Saved Me”