Are You Affecting Anyone?

The simplest way to affect someone is through love. When we show love, we affect someone’s life. If you’re like me you want to help, you want to make someone’s day better.

But how? Life is busy. We barely get through the day.

Thankfully, showing love doesn’t need to be complicated.

One Minute Of Effort = A Positive Affect

If a toddler drops a shoe, sock, pacifier, or treasured toy in the store and their busy mom or dad doesn’t notice, pick it up and give it back to them. Their mom or dad will be grateful and the toddler will be ecstatic to have their treasure returned.

If an elderly woman is trying to push a very heavy cart offer to push it to her car. If she’s attempting to lift a heavy bucket of cat litter offer to do it for her.

If someone short (this would be me) can’t reach something on the top shelf at the grocery store then get it down for them.

Improve someone else’s day by affecting a small part of it. By giving a little of your heart.

A Little Extra Effort

Not long after we adopted Molly it snowed. Because we’d only had cats for many years, we weren’t prepared for the trouble that a few inches of snow would cause. In ten minutes, her Papa became her hero.

The trails Papa dug for Molly.
The trails Papa dug for Molly. Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl

Molly’s Hero

I’m just a little girl. The world is a very big place. When the first snow storm left six inches of snow behind I was sad because it meant that I couldn’t run and play outside. The snow touched my tummy! Moving through it was hard, but the biggest challenge was going potty. After my first trip out I considered crossing my legs until the snow melted! Not the best plan, I admit, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Continue reading “Are You Affecting Anyone?”

Pretending Not to See

It was almost midnight. Only one other truck sat under the bright fluorescent lights, its driver nowhere in sight. I twisted the cap back on the second fuel tank. Out of habit I locked both doors before I walked into the truck stops convenience store.

My eyes darted around, checking everywhere for anything out of the ordinary. It was my habit developed over a year of driving across the country by myself. I entered the store and looked for the restroom sign.

Huge letters spelled out R E S T R O O M S hung on the far wall, shouted to everyone that the bathrooms were this way. After taking care of things, I gathered the supplies I needed: windshield washer fluid, a bottle of milk, and a box of cereal. There’s nothing like the breakfast of champions for your dinner in the middle of the night. Continue reading “Pretending Not to See”