Are You a Shark?

For the last couple of weeks, my niece has stayed with us. One of her favorite games to play is a card game called Rats. The game has wonderful illustrations of cartoon rat characters doing silly things and standing by giant cheese numbers. Each player attempts to collect all the cards in the deck, whoever does is the winner.

My sister prefers I keep my niece’s identity a secret. So from now on, I’ll call my niece, Princess Cadence, her favorite My Little Pony.

Princess Cadence is 7 years-old. Somewhere along the line she heard the term card shark. In typical kid fashion, she shortened that down to “shark.” As we played the game and her pile of cards grew she began asking if she was a shark. We assured Princess Cadence, that she was a shark.

A few days later, she and I were playing an intense game of Rats. Slaps (on the table and a part of the game) and laughter could be heard anywhere in the house. Princess Cadence had a huge pile of cards. She looked at Auntie’s small stack and announced I was a crayfish and she was a shark; a running joke was born.

The next day tiredness prevented her from doing well. Her concentration was like a bubble; there one second, popped and gone the next. When she complained that I was a shark and she was a minnow, I suggested that she need to think like a shark.

A strange look crossed her face. Continue reading “Are You a Shark?”