Making Time

The start of autumn brings memories cascading down around me like the colorful leaves that flutter to the ground and pile high underneath the trees. They warm my heart like a cup of cocoa with marshmallows and at the center of each one is love.

Am I noticing this because I passed the dreaded four-oh. Or is it because I’m learning to appreciate the ‘now’ moments more? I really don’t know why, but each year at this time the memories come unbidden.

Memories Are Powerful

We lived many places during my childhood. My favorite place had  a huge yard with lots of trees. Each one dropped thousands of leaves. We raked them into giant piles. Well actually, my parents did. My sister and I weren’t very old and even though we tried to help,  we created more work. What I do know, is that we spent hours jumping in the piles, burying each other in them, running through them, and restacking them so we could do it all over again. All these years later it lifts my mood just thinking about those fun Sundays.

A few years ago when my niece, Princess Cadence, lived here, she and I spent many afternoons making large piles of leaves and rolling down the hill into them while Oma cheered us on. We’d lay in the leaves, giggling until our tummies hurt.

Tyler in the backyard
Tyler in the backyard All rights reserved Copyright Jillian Pearl

Tyler, my big beautiful boy, loved to chase leaves. He patiently stalked them and when the wind rustled them across the grass he made his move. Chasing and tackling them into submission. Once they admitted defeat, he’d roll on his back, holding several in his arms, and kick them to shreds with his back paws.

Memories are powerful emotional triggers. Just writing these three stories tugged my heart in different directions. Continue reading “Making Time”

Why My Blog Pawsed

In the middle of A-Z you probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. Here’s why…

We Adopted A Puppy

Yes, we got a new puppy. There has been a flurry of activity getting our home ready for her, getting her supplies, and bringing her home.


Our newest little girl is recovering from being spayed. Our other two girls are recovering from the shock of a new sister. I am recovering. My blog is unpawsed, but will probably not be caught up until early next week. I hope my fellow A-Z bloggers will understand the delay. I also will catch up on the many blogs that I’m enjoying this month, just as fast as I can.

PS – Dear grammar police, I do know how to spell pause correctly 😉

Our New Puppy Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl
Our New Puppy Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl

Are You Affecting Anyone?

The simplest way to affect someone is through love. When we show love, we affect someone’s life. If you’re like me you want to help, you want to make someone’s day better.

But how? Life is busy. We barely get through the day.

Thankfully, showing love doesn’t need to be complicated.

One Minute Of Effort = A Positive Affect

If a toddler drops a shoe, sock, pacifier, or treasured toy in the store and their busy mom or dad doesn’t notice, pick it up and give it back to them. Their mom or dad will be grateful and the toddler will be ecstatic to have their treasure returned.

If an elderly woman is trying to push a very heavy cart offer to push it to her car. If she’s attempting to lift a heavy bucket of cat litter offer to do it for her.

If someone short (this would be me) can’t reach something on the top shelf at the grocery store then get it down for them.

Improve someone else’s day by affecting a small part of it. By giving a little of your heart.

A Little Extra Effort

Not long after we adopted Molly it snowed. Because we’d only had cats for many years, we weren’t prepared for the trouble that a few inches of snow would cause. In ten minutes, her Papa became her hero.

The trails Papa dug for Molly.
The trails Papa dug for Molly. Copyright 2016 Jillian Pearl

Molly’s Hero

I’m just a little girl. The world is a very big place. When the first snow storm left six inches of snow behind I was sad because it meant that I couldn’t run and play outside. The snow touched my tummy! Moving through it was hard, but the biggest challenge was going potty. After my first trip out I considered crossing my legs until the snow melted! Not the best plan, I admit, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Continue reading “Are You Affecting Anyone?”

Absolutely Amazing A Cappella Group

Pentatonix is the best a cappella group I’ve ever heard. After last week’s post where I shared a stunning version of Angels We Have Heard On High, performed by The Piano Guys, a friend of mine recommended Pentatonix. I remembered watching them perform on NBC’s The Sing-Off and they are great. Here is the official video of Little Drummer Boy from their new album, PTXmas (Deluxe Edition.)

If you loved that you can go to YouTube and see more from them. Leave a comment or email me, I’d love to hear about more amazing groups like Pentatonix and The Piano Guys.

photo credit: Pentatonix via photopin (license)