Hi Mom Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to moms all around the world!

Your sons and daughters want you to know that we love you! I asked several friends to share their favorite memories of their mom with me. Throughout this post, I’ll share the special moments that have affected their lives.


Martin Gommel via Compfight

Mother’s Shape Our Lives

Our mother’s are with us for our entire lives. Not true you say? OK, you do have me on a technicality.

Life is a cycle that’s supposed to go like this; we’re born, we grow up, we get married and have kids, and when we’re old our parents go to heaven. The cycle is then repeated with our own children. However, that’s overly simplified. In each cycle there are overlapping periods of interaction. It’s those moments that become the story of our lives and the memories that allow us to hold on to our mother’s forever.

A Mother’s Understanding is a Security Blanket

Ordinary everyday items can become a security blanket to children. For me, it was a blanket. My mother still has the remaining one-inch strip of fabric. For others, it’s a pacifier or a special stuffed animal, comfort comes in many forms. Continue reading “Hi Mom Happy Mother’s Day”