Are Your Goals Overwhelming You?

It’s the middle of July. I didn’t think much of it until I ran across two channels that were indulging in Christmas in July weekends. Christmas. Didn’t we just have Christmas and the Super Bowl a few weeks ago?

The realization that we are in the last half of 2013 got me to thinking about my goals for the year. I didn’t write an official list, but in my head I had a totally doable plan.

The List

  1. Finish my first novel and publish it by November 1.
  2. Start an author blog.
  3. Start social media accounts to support my marketing efforts.
  4. Attend Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July – plan my second novel.
  5. Attend November’s NaNoWriMo – write the rough draft of the second book.

Five little things. It seemed manageable.

Lack of Planning = Collapse

What I hadn’t planned for each goal having its own to-do list and those items having their own to-do list, etc, etc. This is when that overwhelming feeling crept in and stomped on me. My mind spun. How was I going to complete everything?

I look at the authors I follow and asked myself how they accomplished so much? They take care of their families, write several books each year, run a blog and social media campaigns, publish multiple books each year, host podcasts, teach courses, host webinars, and attend conferences.

They make it look easy.

I don’t do half of what they do, even though I want to. I’ve reached the point where the spinning of my head is preventing all coherent and creative thought! I need help, I decided, as I flew off the tilt-a-whirl and sailed through the air. This is going to hurt, I just know it!

The Incredible Hulk

My daily to-do list is growing like the Incredible Hulk! Where am I going to find time to work on all these extra things? Continue reading “Are Your Goals Overwhelming You?”