Racked With Doubt

A few months ago, I met Nadia L. King (nadialking) on Instagram. She and I became friends. I love the creative things she posts and how encouraging and funny she is.

I visited Nadia’s blog back in January. Her most recent post (at that time) What Now? resonated with things I’ve caught myself worrying about. I asked her if I could reblog her post and she said yes. Thank you, Nadia.

Way To Go!

Congratulations, friend, on publishing your first short story in the U.S. That’s an awesome accomplishment. I’m proud of you.


In typical writer-fashion, after Nadia shared her good news with her readers she worried about what was next and if she would successfully publish anything else.

. . . I can’t help asking myself, what next? . . .

I’ve entered a few Australian short story competitions and cross everything, with beginners luck, maybe I’ll be shortlisted for one, or dare I hope for more? My stories have been submitted to literary magazines and I try to sit tight and not chew on my nails too often.

But the most overwhelming question in my mind – what if Disappointment was the only thing I’ve written or will ever write, that will make it? This is the thought that disturbs my nightly sleep.

I believe such worries plague all creatives. Are we good enough? Is what we do of any worth? Will this next piece be bought and sold? What if, (and I say this with all of my heart in my mouth) what if none of this is any good?

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The End Is Near

Just so you know right off the bat, this is not a Chicken Little post. The sky isn’t falling 😉

Plot Bunnies and First Drafts

For the first time in almost two years, I can see that my book will be finished and go on sale! It’s a huge realization. For the first six months, I planned and plotted. But didn’t do any writing because I was afraid. Then Camp NaNoWriMo gave me the kick in the pants to get started. For eight chapters I chased the plot bunnies from one happy scene to another. Then I got bored. Yes, my story bored me.
Moko Rhiannon Boyle via Compfight

So I scrapped it all. I located a new warren of plot bunnies to chase. They were a lot more imaginative than the other warren. They were also more mischievous leading me down twisty, narrow, overgrown paths several times. Still, I’m glad I found them. My story has been greatly improved by chasing plot bunnies all over the countryside. Five months later I had an exciting rough draft. Continue reading “The End Is Near”

Words Need Warning Labels

Words are small things, yet they surround us every moment of our life. They beg for our attention. TV, internet, and radio stations spew words endlessly. At the office, school, and home words swirl around us. They leap across the pages of magazines, newspapers, books, and blogs. We can’t escape words. Even if you go deep into the woods, where no cell signal is brave enough to travel, you still have words. The phone sends the message ‘no signal.’ And admit it—you talk to yourself, I know I do.

Words Have Power

In all that incessant noise have you ever paused to consider how much power all those words have? Words are small packages with the power of a stick of dynamite. (Tweet That) Just like a box of dynamite has a warning label, handle with care, words should come with a warning label. Words are a sword that destroys or they can push someone to do amazing things. The words we speak affect whoever hears them. (Tweet That) Continue reading “Words Need Warning Labels”

Are You a Shark?

For the last couple of weeks, my niece has stayed with us. One of her favorite games to play is a card game called Rats. The game has wonderful illustrations of cartoon rat characters doing silly things and standing by giant cheese numbers. Each player attempts to collect all the cards in the deck, whoever does is the winner.

My sister prefers I keep my niece’s identity a secret. So from now on, I’ll call my niece, Princess Cadence, her favorite My Little Pony.

Princess Cadence is 7 years-old. Somewhere along the line she heard the term card shark. In typical kid fashion, she shortened that down to “shark.” As we played the game and her pile of cards grew she began asking if she was a shark. We assured Princess Cadence, that she was a shark.

A few days later, she and I were playing an intense game of Rats. Slaps (on the table and a part of the game) and laughter could be heard anywhere in the house. Princess Cadence had a huge pile of cards. She looked at Auntie’s small stack and announced I was a crayfish and she was a shark; a running joke was born.

The next day tiredness prevented her from doing well. Her concentration was like a bubble; there one second, popped and gone the next. When she complained that I was a shark and she was a minnow, I suggested that she need to think like a shark.

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