The End Is Near

Storm clouds

Just so you know right off the bat, this is not a Chicken Little post. The sky isn’t falling ūüėČ

Plot Bunnies and First Drafts

For the first time in almost two years, I can see that my book will be finished and go on sale! It’s a huge realization. For the first six months, I planned and plotted. But didn’t do any writing because I was afraid. Then Camp NaNoWriMo gave me the kick in the pants to get started. For eight chapters I chased the plot bunnies from one happy scene to another. Then I got bored. Yes, my story bored me.
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So I scrapped it all. I located a new warren of plot bunnies to chase. They were a lot more imaginative than the other warren. They were also more mischievous leading me down twisty, narrow, overgrown paths several times. Still, I’m glad I found them. My story has been greatly improved by chasing plot bunnies all over the countryside. Five months later I had an exciting rough draft.

Then Came The Editing

The thing I’ve discovered about editing is that it always takes longer than expected. Thankfully the process is¬†interesting and even fun. Occasionally the warren of plot bunnies jumps out and scares me into thinking I need to add something or change something. Sometimes I do what they want and sometimes I run.

Each week my book gets better. I’ve also discovered that no matter how much I want the editing to go faster, it doesn’t. I think a lot of things in life are like that. We want it now! Editing is teaching me how important patience and diligence are. (Tweet that)

Cover Design

This week I began the process of designing the cover. I’m looking at a website that offers two stock images mixed together make unique cover artwork. I’ve dabbled at designing one. Most exciting of all, a friend of mine recommended an artist friend of hers to me. I spoke with him this morning. Hopefully, we can come up with something unique and perfect. Just working on the cover has made the book come more alive. I’ve decided the printed book size will be 5.25 x 8 inches and the page color will be cream. Sitting atop a pile of notebooks on the corner of my desk are two books from my library that have the same type of cover, are almost the same size and thickness my finished book will be. Yesterday I sat staring at them, imagining them with my cover and name. Tingles¬†of excitement zipped up and down my spine. My own book!

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ISBN Numbers

So much has happened this week that is exciting. Wednesday I got the ISBN numbers for my print book and e-book, and shimmied a happy dance around the basement. ISBN numbers are the unique numbers that identify each book. There are different numbers for the same book depending on the what it is: hard cover, paperback, audio, e-book, etc. They make it easy for someone to request a book. If you’ve ever ordered something from Barnes & Noble’s customer service desk you know what I mean. They normally ask if you know the ISBN number to ensure the book they found is the one you really want.

Another step closer to officially being an author.

Book Description

I’m also working on the book description that will go on the back of the cover, on Amazon and Kindle, and on a new page here on the blog.

Let’s share our successes together. Let’s celebrate our hard work and persistence. It’s your turn now, tell me what you’re celebrating.

Storm clouds
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